The Best Treatment For Asthma

Asthma is a very common illness affecting the young and old.  It is thought that up to 7% of people are suffering from asthma, and that has increased as society has become more modern and cleaner.  That is not to say that being clean is a bad thing – the most common factor behind asthma is genetics.  If there is a family history of asthma or hayfever, or eczema, asthma becomes more likely.  Once you have asthma there are many treatments depending on the severity.  The best treatment for asthma that you can do is change your lifestyle.

Lifestyle changes in asthma

The most important change you can do in asthma is to stop smoking, or if you are around smoke to stay away.  Smoking will reduce your lung capacity and increase the amount of mucous that you produce.  Smoke also contains many chemicals that can cause our airways to constrict.  If exposed for a long time then the airways can constrict permanently and the inflammation can turn into scar tissue which is not reversible.  If you are smoking, and you have asthma it is a time that you should consider seeing a specialist on how to stop.  If you are considering the best treatment for asthma, you should also think about doing more exercise and improving your lung capacity through sports, yoga, or going to the gym, or going for walks.  Anything you can do to improve your fitness will improve your lung capacity.

Medication changes in asthma

Many people think that the bronchodilator medication is the best treatment for asthma.  When asthmatics take the puffer it will instantly dilate the airways making breathing easier.  However it does not effect the long term results in asthma, and only effects the symptoms – that is the way you feel for that instant.  The best long term treatment for asthma are steroid based inhalers.  They do not contain enough steroid to cause any of the side effects, but enough is absorbed by the lungs to bring down the amount of inflammation and reduce mucous production.  Taking a steroid inhaler if recommended by your doctor is the best treatment for asthma in the long term.

Alternative medications in asthma

There are medications which can improve asthma by breaking down the mucous.  These mucolytics are not thought to be terribly effective in the long run, and make very little difference in clinical studies.  Asthmatics should also receive a influenza vaccination which will prevent them from getting as many colds and coughs as well as influenza which can be very serious.  Some serious attacks of asthma can be improved by taking steroid tablets prescribed by your doctor, or by using a nebuliser.  A nebuliser can deliver medication more efficiently to the lungs so you can take them up and can be the best treatment for asthma in an emergency.  Steroid tablets can dampen down an attack over a few hours to days, but are not suitable for long terms use.  Ultimately you should discuss with your doctor the best asthma treatment for you.

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